Cúilín Dualach


Cúilín Dualach lives in a small town in the west of Ireland. He is the apple of his mother’s eye, yet his father shows him little affection. Everywhere he goes, people stare at him. Cúilín strives to fit in as best he can but that can be a difficult thing to do when your head is on backwards!

Director – Nora Twomey
Ross Murray, Sean Ó Cúaláin
Writer –
Jackie Mac Donnacha
Composer –
Martin Hayes
Voice of Cúilín:
Colm O’Cuaig
Art Director –
Tomm Moore
Background Artist –
Ross Stewart
Animation –
Nora Twomey, Fabian Erlinghauser, Roxnne Burchartz, Jean Baptiste Vendamme,Tomm Moore, Paul McKeown, Cecile Coulibeuf, Adrien Merigeau, Lily Bernard
Sound Design –
Chris Hetzel


Best Animated Short, IFTA, Ireland 2005
Best short film, Cartoons on the Bay, Italy 2005
Best Animation for Children, Animadrid, 2005
Best Animation,Celtic Film Festival, 2005
Best Animation, Kerry Film Festival, Ireland 2005
Irish Animation Festival, Audience Award, Ireland 2005




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9 Responses to “Cúilín Dualach”
  1. vijayakumar says:

    Its a brilliant short! loved the story and the irony thats webbed in it. thanks
    for making it! :)

  2. Rohit Karandadi says:

    The movie is beautiful and heart touching, thanks for making a lovely film like this :)

  3. I like it’s idea and style, it’s very lovable and heart touching. thank you for creating such a beautiful animation. :)

  4. Renmeleon says:

    So lovely. Beautiful, soft style. Thank you for sharing this.

  5. Bernardine nic Giolla Phádraig says:

    Is aoibhinn liom an gearrscannán seo – I absolutely LOVE this short and have watched it several times. Each time it delights and amazes me and touches heartstrings. This short has everything: it’s clever, visually witty, funny, touching, has a brilliant v/o beautifully articulated and all matched perfectly with a great soundtrack. In my opinion, it should have won an Oscar – it’s perfect! Maith sibh!

  6. lis says:

    Hi there!

    I also agree with everybody! This short is heart touching but it´s also perfectly done. I don´t know how many many times I´ve watched this! I never get tired. I think it has everything in it. Oh and you made the right choice in choosing Martin Hayes to play the music! Thank you so much for sharing!!

  7. Charmian says:

    Touching movie. Loved the music. Martin Hayes is it, as someone mentioned in the comment above. Thank you.

  8. mo coco says:

    I was moved by the scene which Dualanch’s mother touched his dead cheek with her cheek.
    I felt her big love for her son.


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