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Kilkenny-based Cartoon Saloon is an Academy Award®-nominated animation studio formed by Paul Young, Tomm Moore and Nora Twomey in 1999. From award-winning short films such as From Darkness, Cúilín Dualach/Backwards Boy, Old Fangs, The Ledge End Of Phil, and Somewhere Down the Line, to TV series like Skunk FU! and now Puffin Rock (launched on RTEjr in Jan 2015 and to be broadcast worldwide later this year), Cartoon Saloon has carved a special place in the international animation industry. 

Cartoon Saloon has just released its newest feature Film, Song of the Sea, a follow up to The Secret of Kells which was nominated for an Academy Award in 2010. Song of the Sea is directed by Tomm Moore and produced by Paul Young and Nora Twomey. The OSCAR ® and Annie Award nominated film is currently enjoying theatrical success in France, USA and Canada with a further worldwide release planned for later this year. Currently in development is a co-production with Aircraft Pictures and Melusine Productions to adapt the award-winning novel The Breadwinner, written by Deborah Ellis it will be directed by Nora Twomey and is due to start production in summer 2015.

Concentrating the artistic skills and experience of the company’s core creative founders, Tomm Moore, Paul Young and Nora Twomey, Cartoon Saloon continues to tell stories for the screen. The studio constantly aligns with artists and partners with whom we can grow and learn.


Paul Young is a co-founder and CEO of Cartoon Saloon,Producer of the animated features The Secret of Kells and Song of the Sea (BEST ANIMATED FEATURE NOMINEE: ACADEMY AWARDS®)and Executive Producer of the animated children’s series Skunk Fu!which has sold globally to territories including the BBC, Super RTL, Kids WB and Cartoon Network in the US. Paul is also an award winning cartoonist and illustrator.

Paul travels a lot to spread the good word.

Did you know: People who have met Paul seldom realise that ‘Paul’ is the hat, the body underneath is just a drone who does the hat’s bidding.


Nora Twomey (not Tohey, Toomey or toothey, just Twomey) is a Creative Director at Cartoon Saloon.

Born in Ireland, a surprisingly short time ago, Nora studied fine art in Cork for a year before moving to Dublin where she attended Ballyfermot College to study animation. Having graduated in 1997 she worked in the industry for a year before becoming one of the founder members of the Cartoon Saloon..

She has directed three shorts with the company and as well as co directing on The Secret of Kells (BEST ANIMATED FEATURE NOMINEE: ACADEMY AWARDS®).

Nora is currently working on her new movie ‘The Breadwinner’ a story about Parwana, a young girl who gives up her identity to find her father and save her family. This animated feature is based on the best selling children’s novel by Deborah Ellis. Production starts in summer 2015.

Nora isn’t seen very often outside, but that is only because sheis a master of stealth and in fact joins Paul on every trip to markets, ready to pounce at the first sign of trouble

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Tomm Moore is co-Founder and Creative director of Cartoon Saloon.

He founded Cartoon Saloon in 1999 with Paul Young while studying animation at Ballyfermot Senior College, Dublin.

Over the company’s history, he has worked as Director, Art Director, Storyboarder, Animator and Illustrator on a range of projects from commercials to service work for feature films and TV series, as well as a number of short film projects. Having completed his first feature film The Secret of Kells (Best Animated Feature Nominee: Academy Awards ®) he has just released his new feature film The Song of the Sea.

Tomm was also a member of the once Secret crime fighting group “The living shadows” but failed miserably as a master of stealth, which lead to a lifelong love of comic books and animation.

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