Puffin Rock

Puffin Rock

Puffin Rock is a pre‐school animated TV show for 2–5‐year‐olds set on a beautiful island off the coast of Ireland. Nature and wildlife are central to the stories and visual style of the show, giving it a unique look and feel.

The main characters are Oona and Baba, our cute sister and brother puffling pair, whose daily adventures encourage learning and reflect preschool challenges. They have a close group of friends: Silky the seal, Otto the owl, May the rabbit and Mossy the very busy pygmy shrew, who all help them in and out of trouble on a daily basis… Friendship and family relationships are core to Puffin Rock.

Puffin Rock is a co-production between Cartoon Saloon, Dog Ears and Penguin Books made with the support of the Irish Film Board and Northern Ireland Screen. It was premiered on RTE JR in January 2015 and Nick JR in May 2015. It got its worldwide release on Netflix in September 2015.

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