Temple Street Children’s Hospital

Temple Street Children’s Hospital


ben & Tara


Recently we worked on a project for Temple Street Children’s Hospital in Dublin. The film, which is the only resource of its kind in Ireland, takes Temple Street mascots Ben and Tara on a fun guided tour inside the beloved children’s hospital as they prepare to have an operation. It will be used to help prepare younger children coming to the hospital for surgery and to explain in simple, understandable terms what is involved in every stage of the process. We were so happy and proud to work on this project and now you can get a sneak peek at what we created and if you want to learn more about

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Ben and Tara were brought to life in plushy form by the lovely Tonya at Dolly Daydreamers. The dolls will be used to show the children in a physical sense what some of the procedures will be like.

Temple Street Children's Hospital


We couldn’t be more proud to have worked on this project and would like to thank the lovely Chris O’Dowd for helping us to bring this project to life.