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Breadwinner Workshop

In partnership with The Ark a Breadwinner workshop has been announced and it is open to all budding artists and animators.

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Puffin Rock – Dads Rock!

Dads Rock!

We received a lovely email over Christmas from a very sweet Dad of two little girls, Mary and Louisa. He wanted to share with us the fantastic 3D model he made for them to play with. - I wonder if he could send us a bunch......

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13th September 2016 - Comments Off on New Cartoon Saloon Showreel released

New Cartoon Saloon Showreel released

New Cartoon Saloon Showreel released.

We have worked hard to combine all the best of the past few years along with some upcoming projects that are in the pipeline.

Some of the projects you will see include our feature films Song of the Sea and The Secret of Kells. Also showing is The Ledge End of Phil (from accounting), Somewhere Down the Line, Old Fangs, Puffin Rock and possible upcoming projects Dorg van Dango and Ellie the Ace.

You can view the you tube link here 


 new Cartoon Saloon showreel, animation ireland,

The ledge end of Phil (from accounting)

puffin rock

Puffin Rock

cartoon saloon showreel, animation ireland, somewhere down the line

Somewhere Down the Line

Cuilin Dualach 1

Cuilin Dualach


13th September 2016 - Comments Off on Animation Ireland Offically Launches

Animation Ireland Offically Launches

Animation Ireland offically launches.


Animation Ireland, Cartoon Saloon


Animation Ireland, the trade association representing Ireland’s best animation studios, was formally launched today (8th September) in Dublin by the Director General of RTÉ, Dee Forbes. The association is the voice of the Irish animation sector whose core objective is to establish Ireland as a creative centre for Content and Technology by focusing on growth, developing an innovation culture and creating competitive advantage for members.

The Irish animation industry has witnessed substantial growth in the last decade. It is a central and important component of Ireland’s digital and creative economy, employing 1,600 full-time staff. The Irish passion for storytelling and the arts. They are the flagship of our folklore and have created a culture which is ideally suited for the creativity of world class animation studios.

Speaking at the launch Dee Forbes said: “Animation companies in Ireland are growing, attracting investment and ownership interest from overseas and, in turn, providing new opportunities for some of our most talented young creative graduates. The creation of Animation Ireland is an important step in strengthening the voice of the animation sector to communicate better and more coherently with policy makers.

She continued: “I am very aware that the sector would like RTÉ to do more. In late 2015 RTÉ announced a new three-year strategy for animation which included initiatives for developing companies, increased investment in content and support for international co-productions. This strategy runs until the end of 2018”.

Julie Sinnamon, Chief Executive, Enterprise Ireland added: “Since 2005, Enterprise Ireland has partnered with Irish animation SMEs on a path of development and growth. The number of companies in the sector has more than tripled and is expanding with the emergence of new High Potential Start-Ups. We look forward to working with Animation Ireland companies as they scale internationally, creating jobs and growth at home in Ireland”.

19th July 2016 - Comments Off on Temple Street Children’s Hospital

Temple Street Children’s Hospital

Temple Street Children's Hospital


ben & Tara


Recently we worked on a project for Temple Street Children's Hospital in Dublin. The film, which is the only resource of its kind in Ireland, takes Temple Street mascots Ben and Tara on a fun guided tour inside the beloved children’s hospital as they prepare to have an operation. It will be used to help prepare younger children coming to the hospital for surgery and to explain in simple, understandable terms what is involved in every stage of the process. We were so happy and proud to work on this project and now you can get a sneak peek at what we created and if you want to learn more about

Temple Street Children's Hospital click here


Ben and Tara were brought to life in plushy form by the lovely Tonya at Dolly Daydreamers. The dolls will be used to show the children in a physical sense what some of the procedures will be like.

Temple Street Children's Hospital


We couldn't be more proud to have worked on this project and would like to thank the lovely Chris O'Dowd for helping us to bring this project to life.