Silly Sundays is a feel-good comedy series full of heart and deeply rooted in the theme of family. Everything centres around Sonia, Hugo, Mel, Mom, Dad and Granny, on those days when there is nothing scheduled except spending time with family and friends. The stories focus on their ups, their downs and mostly their fun times as they embrace every little moment together.


Silly Sundays is a fun-filled series that is set in the beautiful, colourful coastal village known as Sunday Town. Nestled between the watermelon fields and Picnic Hill, it’s a lively locale of narrow streets, quirky shops, and a bustling town square that plays host to a diverse array of musicians, street performers, flower sellers and food merchants. And only minutes from this buzzing square is the seemingly endless and inviting Sunday Beach.

Join Sonia and her family and friends as they create unforgettable memories together during their weekend gatherings. With stories of the ups, the downs and mostly the fun times had as they embrace every little moment together.

Silly Sundays is a Cartoon Saloon production for Cartoonito, in participation with Warner Bros Discovery. Created by Nuria Gonzalez Blanco (Late Afternoon, Puffin Rock) and produced by Nuria and Paul Young  (Screecher’s Reach, Dorg Van Dango, WolfWalkers, The Breadwinner). The show is developed and produced with assistance from Fís Eireann/Screen Ireland, Creative Europe and Coimisiún na Meán/Irish Broadcasting Authority.


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